Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

Skincare Routine

When I went to Paris
 I bought a few new face creams and I´m loving them. I wanted to try out the Embryolisse face cream for quite some time and am very happy with it. While we were in Paris I got quite bad sun allergy in my face which tends to be worse and worse throughout the years. When we were in Monoprix I saw this package which included a cream against sun allergy and a thermal spring water for only 13 EUR from La Roche-Posay which I thought was a very good deal so I grabbed and bought it (This was the point where my mum organised the Monoprix discount card which we couldn´t use anyway ;) ). I´m using the sun allergy cream when I go out and it is sure that the sun will come out (especially when my face has not seen any sun for some time - blame it on the weatherman ;) ). At night I use the Embryolisse cream (as well as at daytime when the weather isn´t as good) which I think has a lovely consistency, makes my skin very soft and has a nice but subtle scent. It´s a great product overall which is suitable for all skin types. In addition to that I´m using the Balea Beauty Effect Eye Lift Serum in the morning and in the evening (helps to prep the skin for any under eye concealing as well). For cleaning my face I discovered the sebamed cleansing foam (in the drugstore) because my skin tends to be quite oily at the end of the day. But when I´m using too "harsh" products against oily skin my skin tends to be too dry (not easy finding a good balance and combination, also because my skin seems to change a bit during time). At the moment I am more than happy with these products. Love every single one of them!

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